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Professional Insurance Agents of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (PIA)

Es una Asociación afiliada a National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, la cual fue fundada en el 1931 y está presente en los 50 estados de Estados Unidos, además de Puerto Rico y el Districo de Columbia.

El objetivo de PIA of Puerto Rico and The Caribbean se fundamenta en:

  • Fomentar la educación en el personal de la Industria de Seguros, acerca de conceptos de seguros, Formas, tendencias y servicio al cliente.
  • Fomentar el comportamiento ético y profesional entre los colegas.
  • Apoyar en materia legislativa al gremio y al bienestar del consumidor.
  • Mantener informados a los colegas sobre cambios en la Industria.

Si es parte de la Industria de Seguros, conozca cómo puede solicitar hacerse miembro, los requisitos y beneficios. Las Asociaciones de los gremios pueden ser una parte muy importante en las transformaciones, logrando cambios a favor en el ambiente de negocios y en los beneficios que finalmente se aportan a una sociedad.

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PIA Connection - November / December 2017

“You are my insurance doctor and I need you to fix this.” These words were spoken to me by one of my first clients during the aftermath of hurricane María. As nearly a category 5 storm, Maria struck Puerto Rico on 09/20/17, just 2 weeks after hurricane Irma gave us a glimpse of what was to come. A devastated power grid, knocked down communications, debris as far as the eye could see, endless lines for fuel, water and food.

During natural disasters and emergencies of this magnitude, well-prepared insurance agents get to truly display just how crucial our job is. Agents that have prepared themselves for this will have a greater quality in their work and in turn will display an increased level of confidence towards their clients.

This catastrophic event has made the industry react to the situation rather than respond to it. Insurance companies instantly raised their rates, reduced commissions and limited coverage. Agents struggled with lack of communication between clients and insurers. Now, clients are relying on their agent for service and reassurance, while those without representation face a tough road ahead given the high volume of claims, limited staff and resources from insurance carriers.

Knowing these limitations we must take the necessary steps in order to anticipate and better respond to our obligations during a crisis. Agents need more than ever to continue their professional education, particularly in claims management. This will help prepare our customers in confidently facing the very risks we help protect them from.

PIA National and its network of professionals have shown great solidarity in our time of need and I am confident that the future of our profession is safeguarded, continuing to play a vital role in the industry. We must continue to lobby for accessible rates, ample coverage and fair compensation for our colleagues.

This experience has given all insurance agents in Puerto Rico the opportunity to learn and will provide us the skills and knowledge to face all natural disasters to come. We greatly appreciate those who have contributed with supplies to our communities during this time, be assured PIA of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean will be there to help and support other PIA chapters.

Carlos F. Silén Escudero
President 2018 - 2019 PIA of PR & the Caribbean